Mass market architecture

When technologies make the architecture available

Team of four

We are team of four architects


Our research

Over the course of our research we examined the role of architects in the future design processes and decided to focus on software technologies, which enable data-driven design. This is what makes work easier for architects and thus gives birth to the new “mass-market architecture”. The phenomenon of “mass-market architecture” is one of the possible scenarios of further development of design industry. We tried to understand what opportunities and what challenges it brings.

Why automation is so important?

The reason is that it brings available and good quality products for better price.

Industry 4.0 for architecture?

It is possible to look at the impact of Industry 4.0 through three lenses: Hardware, Software and Algorithm.


Modern technology allows us to simplify and automate the process of project implementation and fabrication.


Various softwares are now being actively used in the process of design, but without realizing its full potential.

Generative design algorithm

You input data that gets then transformed into sets of patterns, which form the project. By changing the input you change the project.

Mass market architecture

By combining our findings and hypotheses we formed a vision where architecture is not so different from H&M or Zara.

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